Top 4 Best Clawfoot Bathtubs 2020 Reviews By Consumer Reports

Clawfoot bathtubs are trending so bad. Everyone would want to have the confidence to sit comfortably in their tubs and enjoy a hot or cold soak without panicking about tilting over. Clawfoot bathtubs give such confidence. This kind of bathtub has strong, sturdy claw-like feet that are beautifully shaped. These feet evenly balance the bathtub […]

Waterstone Faucet Reviews By Consumer Reports

Having an efficient, reliable and durable faucet bin your kitchen, bathroom, and other necessary places is the joy of every household. Thus, one of the brands known to possess these qualities and lots more is Waterstone faucet. Besides being built with materials that sturdy and of high quality, all Waterstone faucets are handmade. Also, they […]